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We’ve debunked some of the most frequently shared claims about a Covid vaccine and brought them together in one place. Latest with @FloraCarmichael >>> https://t.co/26ATe8rGfX

It looks like Gener*tion Identity have updated the way they present their anti-immigration message to appeal to people concerned about the climate crisis.

They are very good at what they do! I recommend checking out @julie_renbe’s book Going Dark which has a great chapter on GI

The Troll Zoo@TrollZoo

Far right activists have created a “Green” and “anti globalist” group that promotes shopping local.

While very subtly pushing anti-migrant messages.

Even some prominent Green politicians got sucked into following them online.

“What matters in the information age is not so much “military escalation dominance””[…]”Rather, it’s “narrative escalation dominance”—being able to introduce more startling storylines than your opponent”

Great quote from an article rec. by @olgs7