Reddit Mind-Hacktivists conduct a Disinformation Campaign against Kelloggs

Let’s kick things off with some of the good stuff; a video someone made showing them creating a bot which automates the Production and Publication of disinformation: It’s worth stating at this point I am not taking a moral stance when I call this disinformation; it just meets that criteria – i.e. knowingly spreading informationContinue reading “Reddit Mind-Hacktivists conduct a Disinformation Campaign against Kelloggs”

Boosting Disinformation’s Audience while Debunking it

Definition Sometimes people come across an inauthentic narrative that they don’t believe, or one they disagree with morally. They re-share with the intent of mocking, debunking, or expressing incredulity, however they risk exposing the content to other potential victims and amplifying its reach. Example Scenario Let’s say I follow someone I know is spreading inauthenticContinue reading “Boosting Disinformation’s Audience while Debunking it”