Bill Gates and the Microchip Conspiracy

With the Coronavirus vaccine just over the temporal horizon people who are interested in disinformation are probably going to be having one or two conversations about vaccine conspiracies with friends and loved ones.

To help people prepare for those conversations I recently created some e-learning content detailing the background of the conspiracy that the Coronavirus Vaccine will be used to implant microchips in the population. You can check it out here, or run through it below:

This is my first try at this kind of lesson, and in the future I want to do better at reducing the risk my lesson actually spreads disinformation. When I asked friends for feedback, one note I got was that I need to be careful repeating myths while trying to debunk them; myth busting can help spread the myths (often the ‘Fact’ is usually more complicated and nuanced than the ‘Myth’ meaning that if you put them next to each other the Myths are still going to worm their way into people’s minds, even if labelled as a myth).

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