Persona: Mind-Hacktivist


A Mind-Hacktivist is someone who intentionally participates in any stage of a disinformation campaign for ideological reasons only. They are unlikely to receive any material gain for their efforts, and as such may define success in terms of hampering or damaging those opposing their beliefs. They know that the content they spread is inauthentic, meaning they contribute to disinformation. It is possible that Mind-Hacktivists will behave differently depending on their driving ideology; further investigation should look at identifying subcategories of Mind-Hacktivist.

Real World Examples

  1. Reddit Mind-Hacktivists conduct a Disinformation Campaign against Kelloggs by DisinfoDB on 13 Dec 21
    • Members of the AntiWork subreddit collaborated to produce a Tactical Infodemic in support of striking Kelloggs employees.
  2. Sneaky Ads on Twitter Tell Voters to Text Votes for Hillary Clinton by Jeff John Roberts on 03 Nov 16
    • Members of the online Alt-Right community created inauthentic adverts falsely claiming that it was possible to vote online / via text in the 2016 US Presidential election.

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