Disinfo TTPs

There are common tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by participants in a variety of different disinformation and misinformation cycles. This page collects some of those TTPs. It’s a work in progress, so (1) things may change or be added at ANY TIME, and (2) things may look a bit rubbish at first.

This page is a work in progress, and is visible in an effort to be less of a perfectionist.


Environmental Factors (EFs)

Environmental Factors are things which passively contribute to the spread of dis/misinformation. One example would be Covid-19; at the start of the pandemic people knew very little about it, but wanted to know very much. This combination meant inauthentic narratives could more easily spread; people who didn’t know much about the topic were trying to learn about it and could accidentally take in bad information. This situation wasn’t intentionally manufactured to spread dis/misinformation, but it was one that helped achieve that goal.

Disinformation Cycle Stages and Associated TTPs


  • EF: Facebook Algorithm amplifying disinformation
    • Facebook’s algorithms actively promote groups dedicated to extremist disinformation narratives (more than you would expect extremist groups to be promoted), which amplifies their reach.
  • Boosting Disinformation’s Audience while Debunking
    • Sometimes people come across an inauthentic narrative that they don’t believe, or they disagree with morally. They re-share with the intent of mocking, debunking, or expressing incredulity, but risk amplifying its reach.