DisinfoDB 2021 Goals

2021 is off to a rousing start with a couple of days in the highest tier of coronavirus protection followed by approximately three months of complete lockdown. Anyway, this is where I’m tracking what I want to get done this year, since I’m not going to get much done in real life (AGAIN):

Database Updates

I want to read and add at least 600 pieces of content to the database by the end of the year (which is about 3 articles every 2 days). Right now I’m on 11, so just under 2% of my goal.

New Posts

I’d like to continue to create real pieces of work that I’m proud of – but they take a lot of effort and I have to fit it in around work, personal life and general covid despair. I want to have written at least 6 articles by the end of 2021 (and I’m charitably saying the one I published on 31 Dec 2020 counts to this year’s total); so I’m about 15% of the way through this goal.

Disinformation books

I want to read and review one book related to Disinformation every two months (6 by the end of the year).

Like any good millennial my attention span is pretty short, so I’d be the first to admit that I struggle to get through long-form non-fiction content. I really want to take in all the information in my catalogue of books that sounded fascinating when I bought them (but still remain unread) – so I’m giving myself enough time to properly appreciate them, while still having a goal.

Also, their content is just as valuable in the database as the articles I’ve added so far, so I want to figure out a way to categorise them too, and maybe write reviews. Right now I’ve read 1 book (so I’m 15% of the way through).